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The Liebster Award: Double Trouble

Over the last fortnight I've been nominated for the Liebster Award by two lovely bloggers; Victoria from Shabby Chic Home and The Sennockian. Thank you ladies!

The Liebster Award is given to new and up-and-coming bloggers who have fewer than 200 followers. The idea? The nominated blogger must reveal a little about themselves with 11 random facts, then must answer 11 questions from the blogger who nominated them. Then, the nominee must nominate other bloggers with 11 of their own questions. Phew! Got that?

I don't know many blogs with fewer than 200 followers, so I'm afraid there will only be a few nominations from me...sorry guys!

Since I've been naughty and left is so late, I'm going to do both nominations in one post - but I'll still only be writing 11 facts about myself! I hope you enjoy finding out a little about myself and my little blog.

11 Random Facts about me:
  1. I am a twin (and no, we are not identical. Far from it!
  2. I have two degrees; a BA (Hons) and an MA. I guess you could say I am an academic at heart!
  3. I will go out of my way to eat anything with mushrooms in it. They are my favourite!
  4. My guilty pleasures include Cosmopolitan magazine and Sex and the City.
  5. I adore poetry, and wish I could write it.
  6. I hope to start sketching again this year.
  7. I have no idea how to apply blusher, bronzer or highlighter. Contouring is a far-away dream!
  8. My last meal would probably involve pie and mashed potato with lots of gravy; the ultimate comfort food.
  9. I will nearly always choose veggie options over meat, even though I am not vegetarian.
  10. I will never, ever get a tattoo.

11 Questions from Victoria:
  1. Why did you start your blog?
 I've been reading blogs for years; they pretty much kept me sane during my postgraduate studies, and I've had a passion for writing ever since I could remember. I also love sharing my life - not the personal and boring aspects, but the beautiful things I see and discover. As soon as my studies finished, I started blogging! I think it's a great creative outlet and a fantastic community to be a part of.

   2.  How old are you?

I am 23, but sometime I still feel 17. and sometimes I feel about 50.

 3. What's your favourite phrase, quote or motto?

I want to say something meaningful like 'This too shall pass' which is beautiful, but to be honest I rarely remember to say it to myself. I don't have a particular favourite, so I suppose my motto would be to make the most of life as much as possible.

4. What did you want to be when you were little?

I wanted to be a vet, then a palaeontologist, then a writer, then a teacher. I still haven't decided! 

5. Tea, coffee, or neither?

Tea mostly (with too much sugar, oops!) but I love coffee, particularly the smell. Coffee is a treat as I need to steer clear of too much caffeine, but I love a good Mocha, Amaretto latte or iced coffee.  

6.  Favourite movie line?

7.  What's your biggest fear?

Death. My loved ones dying without them knowing they mean the world to me.

8. What one celebrity would you be and why?

I'll be honest, I'm not one for celebrities; look's wise I'd love to be Ann Hathaway or Zoe Deschanel, but I wouldn't mind being known for my work rather than my looks. I'm not sure!  

7. What are your top three favourite blogs right now?

Wonderful You, Wish Wish Wish and Couture Girl  

9. Have you got any holidays booked for 2014?

No. This saddens me - I haven't been on a summer holiday for nearly three years. But I'm staying hopeful, and might look into going somewhere like Pompeii, Santorini or Paris. Anywhere with sunshine, and maybe Hamburg.

10. Would you rather be rich or famous?

That's tough; fame often comes with riches, but also harassment; I suppose if I was famous for something like writing, I wouldn't mind! I'll have to think about that one.

Thanks Victoria! Now it's The Sennockian's turn!

11 Questions from The Sennockian:

1. If you are having a blogging lull, how do you inspire and motivate yourself?

 I take time away from writing and often I'll get my passion back after a few days. I find forcing content just makes for bad writing. 
2. Favourite clothes shop?

This varies from season to season, but I mostly go for River Island, New Look and Miss Selfridge.
3. Marmite. Love it or hate it?

Oh god, hate it. Always have, always will.

4. Which film or TV star would you compare yourself to?

Recently I've been compared to Oregon from Fresh Meat (looks wise, not attitude!) but I don't watch a lot of TV. I'd love to say Jess from New Girl but definitely toned down with less pink...

5. If you were a crayon, what colour would you be!?

Burgundy, or course! Or black. Black is useful!
6. Have you ever met anyone famous?

I had a chat with Dan from Bastille in July 2012 (just before they took off) and had a chat with the Mystery Jets in the back of a van. That's about it!

7. Favourite book?

I've just finished John Green's The Fault in our Stars and adored it - also recent loves include David Nicholls' The Understudy and Starter for Ten and The Silver Linings Playbook. I love too many books though, so those are just my recent favourites!
8. What's your party trick?

I can flip my tongue upside down, and touch my nose with my tongue.

9. Where would you like to be 5 years from now?

In my own flat or house, contentedly in love, writing for a living and having seen much more of the world than I have so far!
10. What is your favourite movie quote?

I've just answered this, but I'll come up with another one to mix things up!

11. And last but not least, what is one goal that you have set yourself for 2014?

Keep blogging!

My Nominees: 

All wonderful blogs, well worth checking out and following!

...And here are the questions you'll need to answer!

  1. Are you more of a cat person, or a dog person?
  2. Do you have any siblings?
  3. Do you prefer traditional paperbacks, or a shiny e-reader?
  4. A soak in the bath, or a quick and practical shower?
  5. Would you rather go to the cinema, or watch a DVD at home?
  6. What is your favourite time of year, and why?
  7. What beauty product could you never live without?
  8. What is the scariest thing you've ever done?
  9. What's your favourite music?
  10.  If you could eat one meal for the rest of your life...what would it be?
  11. What is your favourite smell / scent?

Thanks for reading everyone! And thank you to Victoria and The Sennockian for nominating me. I hope you had fun finding out a little bit about me, and discovering a few new blogs!
Let me know how you'd answer some of the questions in the comments.


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