Monday, 17 February 2014

The Graze Good Breakfast Club

I've been a huge fan of Graze for years. Their little snack boxes helped me to survive many gruelling essays in my degree, and since re-starting my orders (thanks to no longer living on a student budget) I have been loving their little tubs of goodness at my desk. In fact, as I write this, I'm munching on 'Millionaire's Shortbread'. Talk about inspiration!

If you're not sure who Graze are, they're a little company who send you healthy snacks and goodies in letterbox-sized packages to keep you happy, full and healthy throughout the day! Once you have an account you're able to tell them what you do and don't want to receive, so you never get any nasty surprises, and there is so much variety you'll never get bored. The element of surprise brings the fun back into post - much more exciting to see one of these beauties on your doorstep than just boring bills and flyers!

So when I saw that Graze were releasing breakfast products, my heart skipped a beat. These were two of my all-time loves coming together; Graze's healthy, tasty and varied products, and my favourite meal of the day. How could I say no?

I ordered my first box at the special price of £2.99, selected the flavours which took my fancy, and eagerly awaited the arrival of my first batch of porridge.

Here's what I received in my little brown box:

They all sound delicious, don't they?

The idea is that you dispense your oats in a bowl, followed with 1 1/2 punnets of milk, and microwave until done. Extremely simple, no hassle, and even perfect if you like to have breakfast in the office. Some flavours even come with a little dollop of honey to sweeten things up!

I have since been enjoying these flavours over the last two weeks, and have been really impressed. The flavours are amazing. Although they contain dried fruit, there is no risk of munching down on a dry, wrinkled berry or crunchy old raisin. When the porridge is cooked, the fruit becomes plump, juicy and flavoursome, and incredibly tasty. The flavour combinations have been really well thought out and include some combinations I'd never try out if I was creating these myself. It's very easy to claim that these could be made at home, but when you have very little time in the morning, all the hard work has already been done for you.

My favourite ones this time were Cherry and Almond and Flame Raisin and Hazelnut. So moreish, I could have eaten three whole punnets of these flavours alone!

This brings me nicely onto one of my few issues with the Graze breakfast box; the little punnets don't really provide a large enough serving. As someone who normally has quite a big breakfast, I found that I had to eat my porridge with extra servings of toast, fruit and yoghurt on the side to keep myself full enough. This may not be an issue for some, as I know many barely eat anything in the mornings - but I like my first meal to keep me full up for four hours, and these little pots wouldn't be able to do that alone unless I had lost most of my appetite.

I have a feeling I need to train myself to eat smaller portion sizes!

Another little issue was my need to add honey to them. At the moment, I am struggling with a very sweet tooth, and I found that the oats which came without honey needed sweetening. Now, this may be because I need to cure my need for sugar at the moment - the fruit should be enough, and it defeats the 'healthy' nature of the Graze box - but just a warning for those of you who, like me, like things sweet. You may need to tame your tastebuds or add honey of your own.

I've been enjoying my delicious Graze porridge with a side of Nutella toast, banana, or even topped with a dollop of yoghurt (this makes it extra creamy!). They really have been making breakfast exciting again, and have broken the monotony of Bran Flakes and toast at the start of every day.

I've loved having these little pots for breakfast - it really makes these drab, rainy mornings bearable, and I really recommend trying them out if you need to enjoy breakfast a little more, or fancy a change to your usual routine. I'm already looking forward to my next delivery!

Are you a fan of Graze boxes? Would you consider ordering a breakfast box?


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