Thursday, 20 February 2014

Happiness Is...#4

It's been a couple of weeks since I last posted a happiness update - life has just been running away with me, and I haven't had a moment to collect my thoughts, photos and best bits together! So apologies for that - I'm sure you all know what it can be like!

These are the things which have been making me feel happy and blessed recently (warning;contains mostly delicious, unhealthy food!)

Two weeks ago I went along to Lou Lou's Vintage Fair with a friend for tea, cake and bargains. I had a wonderful day there and managed to find a gorgeous vintage Jaeger jacket (also pictured) which I have been wearing non-stop and deserves to have a blog post of its own. You can read about my vintage adventures HERE.

I received a letter from my dear friend Ellie this Valentine's Day, all the way from Denmark. Ellie is a very dear friend of mine, and her letter was so wonderful, encouraging and full of love. It made me remember how lucky I am to have such great friends like her. Ellie actually has her own  brilliant blog about her new life studying in Denmark, which you can find HERE.

I've been absolutely loving Graze's Breakfast boxes, containing delicious portions of porridge. They make my breakfasts so much more interesting! Naturally, I blogged about it HERE.

I was never allowed chocolate spread as a child, and even throughout university I never bought my own. However, after receiving a mini tube of Galaxy hazelnut spread at Christmas, I have become addicted, and bought my first ever very own tub of Nutella! Needless to say, half the jar was eaten with a spoon. Naughty! But it certainly has made me very happy indeed.

This Valentine's Day I made a delicious pie for my boyfriend. It went down a storm, and I couldn't believe I managed to pull it off! I'll be writing a post about this soon, so get your shopping lists ready! It;s a fantastic recipe.

Breakfast is my favourite meal, and this week I made an effort to put in a little effort. This photo has chocolate spread / jam crumpets, cinnamon yoghurt with blueberries and banana, and pomegranate green tea (a bid to force myself to enjoy drinking it!) breakfast makes me happy, especially before a long day at work.

I randomly entered a Facebook competition to win a £10 voucher for Wagamama about a month ago...and I couldn't believe it when I won! I've never won anything online like that before, so I was super excited, especially when it came in the post with a note. I' counting down the days until I can go and have some Yaki Soba. Mmmm...

My boyfriend came to visit me last weekend, and I naturally treated him to all sorts of delicious meals (including the pie!). On his first morning here, we made big, thick slices of eggy bread with smoked bacon and mushrooms. So gluttonous, so unhealthy...but so good!

Later that same day (can you believe it!) we went out for burgers at 7Bone, in Southampton. He fell in love and has since claimed he will never be able to eat burgers anywhere else again. It was delicious, as usual! You can read my review of 7Bone from last year HERE.

I used to love art, but haven't really done any since I finished school years ago. When my boyfriend bought me some pencils and a sketch pad for Christmas, I couldn't wait to get started again, and finally got round to practicing a few sketches last weekend. They weren't my best, but it felt so great to get back into it after so many years. I can't wait to do more sketching!

My mum sent me a Sainsbury's coupon in the post, and I decided to spend it on a good book instead of food! I ended up choosing The Rosie Project by Graeme Simsion, which has been intriguing me, so I can't wait to get stuck in on my next train journey.

Phew! What a great few weeks! This is just a selection of little things which have made me happy. Needless to say, food is a big thing for me, and it certainly makes me happy - but even more importantly, so does the company!

It's vital to remember these little moments of joy whenever life gets you down.

What has been making you happy over the last few days?



  1. The food on your blog makes my mouth water - so much food!!!! Next time I'm in Southampton I'm going to ditch Sam for one of your pies ;) xxx

    1. Haha I'm not sure if he'd like that, but you must say if you want a quick hello when you're next down! I'm going to post the source of my pie recipe on here soon (it's not my own, but I'm definitely sharing it!) so you could try to make it - trust me, it was so easy :)

      Jo xxx

  2. Oooh, I love porridge for breakfast. You can add so many delicious things. I always go crazy on the toppings. Breakfast is my favourite meal of the day too :)
    That's so sweet that you received a letter on Valentine's day from your friend in Denmark!

    Sofie x
    Little green Sofie

    1. I know, I love how versatile it is. Nothing beats a good breakfast!

      Thanks for sharing your link :)

      Jo xxx