Monday, 17 October 2016

A fresh start

It's been fifteen months since I last posted on here. So much for being back 'very, very soon'!

It's been an interesting year (and a bit). A lot has changed, and in fact I have barely been writing, which kind of explains my radio silence on here until now.

I'm not sure if I've been missed at all, but I wanted to post on here to let you all know that I've decided I need a fresh start, and have created a new blog.

She Wears Burgundy was a wonderful project, and I had so much fun creating content for it. I loved writing my posts about food, travel and mental health, and most of all the community I discovered. Everyone I have met in person and online since I entered the blogosphere has been inspiring, welcoming and encouraging.

However, this blog just isn't very 'me' any more, and so this will be my final post.

I want to say a huge thank you to anyone who has read my work over the last few years. Even having just a few followers or comments meant the world to me, and I still find it hard to believe anyone wants to read what I have to say! Even if you just took the time to read one post, it meant so much. So, thank you very, very much.

This isn't goodbye, however! You can now find me over at, where I'll be sharing book and film reviews, creative writing projects,  thought pieces and more. I hope you'll come over and join me there! If you ever said hello on SWB please do say hi on my new blog.

I'll leave this short but sweet - if you're intrigued about this change and why I decided to make the move, you can read more on my first post on Jo Fisher Writes, 'Back to Blogging'.

It's been great, and I'm sad to be closing the door on this portion of my life and writing, but here's to moving onward and upward to better things!

I hope you'll join me.

Jo xx