Thursday, 27 February 2014

Happiness is...#5

At work last week I went to a creativity training day and managed to bring my personal life into it, by using the skills I learnt to brainstorm for SWB! It was a great way to combine my two lives and I learned a lot. As you can see, I have so many ideas!

I went home this weekend for the first time in a while; nothing beats leaving work and catching a train knowing that in a matter of hours you'll be back in the house where you grew up. This train journey was the first smooth-running journey I've had for months, without one cancellation or delay, so I was very happy!

My Dad bought me some very sweet daffodils at the train station when I arrived - they really, really smelled quite strongly, but they were adorable and dainty and they prove that spring is finally springing. Often, nothing makes my day more than a little bunch of flowers. Unfortunately they didn't last long and have already wilted, so I'll just have to get some more.

When I was at home I went for a pub lunch with Mum and Dad and indulged in a delicious prawn baguette (with a side of chips and a mocha to follow, of course). Nothing beats getting out of the house and spending some time chatting with loved ones, especially when there's comfort food involved!

I also went for a long walk in the countryside surrounding my home - one big reason why I love the fact that I grew up in the countryside. Lovely to get away from the city and breathe in some fresh air, getting all muddy.

I dressed up on Saturday for a family member's 21st Birthday! I love fancy dress and it's one of the main things I miss about my student social life. Nothing beats a great costume, especially if it involves a bow-tie and some corny jokes! Can you guess what I went as?

I bought these delicious biscuits from my local farm shop to share with my housemates. I couldn't resist and they taste as good as they sound. Mmm...

Starting my week with a cheeky Nescafé Gingerbread Latte to give myself a tiny caffeine boost after a long weekend. It tastes of winter lingering in the spring, and is a perfect substitute for my usual mocha when I give up chocolate for Lent next week!

I have been trying to go to the gym at least twice a week, which is better than nothing, and I ran my fastest Kilometer, 1 km in 6 minutes, earlier last week. Then I managed to run my fastest mile, in 10.21 minutes. It night not sound fantastic, but it's great to feel as if I am improving and hopefully now the only way is up. I'd love to go to the gym three times a week but life is so busy at the moment and, lets be honest, it's not always at the top of my post-workday schedule.

What has made you happy in the last week?



  1. Sounds like a lovely way to spend a weekend! The past week has been a strange one, but one thing that made me happy was the realisation that Spring is most definitely on it's way in and the dark nights are on their way out! xx

    1. Thanks for sharing - I completely agree! It's so much nicer coming out of work when it's still daylight. Before we know it we'll be sitting in the park sunbathing with ice creams! Definitely something to be happy about.

      Jo xxx

  2. Daffodils are always a very welcome spring sign aren't they?! How I long for a garden so I can plant and fill it with so many spring bulbs! Saying that spring feels so far away from the Mid West - it's been -12C all day, too too cold!