Saturday, 2 November 2013

7Bone Burger Co.

Last weekend I went out to celebrate one of my my new housemate’s birthdays. I'd only been living with them for a week, but already we were getting on very well and I was looking forward to going out and enjoying an evening of good food with them! We let the birthday girl choose where she wanted to eat since it was her special evening, and after a little bit of thinking she decided that she wanted to try the new burger place in town. This was music to my ears!

7Bone opened up in Portswood, Southampton, within the last couple of months. I’d heard very good things about it, and had been drooling over the online menu, so we toasted her birthday with some bubbly before leaving our house and wandering along the road to the restaurant, hoping that we’d be able to get a table for three at 7pm on a Saturday night.

Upon our arrival the room was, as we expected, packed. Fortunately the manager told us we’d only have to wait for fifteen minutes for a table; she took our number and we went into the pub opposite to get a drink and wait. Just five minutes later to our delight we received a call stating our table was now ready. Hastily downing our drinks as quickly as possible, we rushed over and back into the warm cosy restaurant, ready to indulge in the food we’d heard so much about.

The place itself was very quirky. It almost felt as if we were somewhere in London rather than in the student hub of the city. The décor was chosen to give it a fashionably run-down, worn feel, with the walls being partially exposed and all sorts of signs and pictures scattered about. The menu, and any updates for the evening, were scrawled onto a chalkboard wall. In all, it felt very relaxed, fun and friendly: exactly what we were looking for! We were soon sat by the window watching passers by, bathed in the warm red glow of an American-style diner sign - if this wasn't a place for comfort food, I don't know what is!

I waited until later in the evening when the restaurant emptied out to get a good photo of the restaurant interior.
The clientele were varied too. There were a number of families, student groups and couples. It seemed to appeal to and cater for anyone who fancies a burger or two – not just for the student population. I definitely felt that I could go there with friends, family or on a date with my boyfriend and it wouldn't feel odd or out of place at all!

The menu was short but very sweet. A selection of burgers with quirky names, pulled pork sandwiches and hot dogs were accompanied by mouthwatering side options and, after a cheeky peek, some enticing puddings. Within moments I had chosen my burger: ‘Robert Johnson: beef patty, cheese, truffled garlic 'shrooms, dirty spread’. All for just £6.50! I for one can't resist anything with mushrooms in it (much to the disgust of many!) and I knew instantly this was the burger for me. We decided to share a portion of chilli fries and original fries between us, ordered a litre of wine and settled down ready for a delicious meal with good company.

The food came very quickly; hence the name fast food I suppose! My burger was served to me in a red plastic basket, and I felt like I’d stepped right into America or a trendy burger joint in London. The bun was fresh and glistening and the smell was so enticing I couldn’t wait to sink my teeth into it. When I did, it was incredible; the soft bread, juicy meat and rich cheese and mushrooms melted into my mouth and my taste buds went wild. The truffled garlic mushrooms were divine and really made it special - much better than anything I could ever knock up on a barbecue at home - and the meat was wonderful - slightly more pink than I usually go for, but I didn't care. You will definitely not be presented with a dry and overdone patty - it was perfect.

The 'Robert Johnson' and Chilli Fries - my new favourite

The chilli fries had a little kick to them and made an indulgent change to what most restaurants offer –and the original fries were also very moreish! After a slight delay with the wine (they had trouble cooling it for us - an example of good service!) we giggle over the cute little glasses we’d been given and tucked in. It was only a matter of moments before we sat back in our chairs, wiping our mouths and groaning in satisfaction

We decided to skip pudding at 7Bone and headed to our local gelato bar for a few scoops of delicious ice cream before heading home. However, the dessert menu looked just as inviting as the main menu, and I’d definitely like to go back to sample some!

Rumour has it that the team at 7Bone Burger Co. are looking at introducing vegetarian options and a few specials, which I would most definitely like to try! I have a feeling it may become a favourite haunt of mine over the next year; and not just for burgers, but for Brunch too! Who could resist the thought of  Brioche Eggs Benedict  with cola baked ham and a cup of 'Rosie Lee? They even have their own foodie challenge called the 'Henry VIII', which certainly looks like something out of Man vs Food.

When we finished our meal we left behind a glowing feedback form, which was no surprise to any of us. We had a great night and it was the perfect way to celebrate a birthday on a windy and rainy October night.

If you’re in the area and fancy some real comfort food for very good value, I’d really recommend heading to 7Bone. Great service, friendly and relaxed atmosphere and fantastic food. What’s not to love?


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