Thursday, 31 July 2014

Strawberry Summer Margaritas

After weeks of watching the sunshine and blue skies from the (dis)comfort of my stuffy office, I was finally able to enjoy the weather last weekend, when my housemates and I had a BBQ.

We stocked up on fresh goodies, spread duvets and rugs out in the garden, plugged all the necessary equipment in (iPhone chargers and speakers for instagramming and good music!) and rustled up a storm in our little kitchen.

While S barbecued the burgers and sausages, I put together some vegetable skewers and corn on the cob, while E created two of the most delicious homemade salads I'd ever tasted: one with courgette, mint and feta, and the other with tomatoes, red onion marinade and (more) feta (you can never have too much feta, especially if one of your housemates is part Greek!). It all came together beautifully.

Succulent sausages, cheese burgers (of course!), colourful salads, buttery corn, grilled halloumi with a drizzle of lemon, (divine) sweet potato wedges ( from my simple go-to recipe) and all the sides and condiments you could ever need.

It was the barbecue of all barbecues. We even had a paddling pool to dip our toes into when the sun got a little much, and the fruit ciders were flowing freely.

Once the food had been cleared, and our stomachs satisfied, it was time for the icing on the cake - or, rather, the sugar on the rim of the glass.

E disappeared into our little kitchen and emerged with three fabulous margarita glasses, filled to the brim with a fresh, cool strawberry concoction. It was exactly what we needed on a hot July day.

Needless to say they disappeared within minutes - I'd never had a margarita before then, but I can safely say I will be ordering one on my next cocktail night!

I asked E for her secrets, and she sent me the link to the recipe she used:. So here it is!

I couldn't resist sharing the link with you all (it's not my recipe, so I won't post it in full on here) as I fully believe that I should let everyone know when I find something great - and my blog is the perfect place to do this!

I really hope you enjoy drinking them as much as I did.

Don't forget to sprinkle a little sugar onto the rim of the glass for the classic finishing touch!


  1. Oh man that sounds like a perfect BBQ! I love cooking a whole bunch of food and then just chilling for the day. Perfect weekend activities! xx

    Little Miss Katy | UK Lifestyle & Fashion

  2. Thank God we got some nice weekend weather eh?! If it had rained after 5 days of watching the gorgeous weather out of the office window it would have been so depressing.

    OMG I'm so jealous that you had a paddling pool, I literally haven't been in one since I was teeny tiny! Maybe when I finally save enough to buy a house (with a garden) I'll get a paddling pool :D

    Chloe x