Thursday, 10 July 2014

Summer Nails: Essie Ballet Slippers

When I asked Twitter what my first ever Essie purchase should be, it was suggested by a friend that I should go for the elegant and classic Ballet Slippers. I was delighted to see that a shade I had been 'uhm-ing' and 'ah-ing' over for a while was recommended, and so instantly went ahead and ordered it.

I have no regrets.

I think I first heard about the shade from the lovely Hannah Maggs' videos. Hannah has excellent taste in beauty products and always looks gorgeous, so if that isn't a great advertisement I don't know what is! I even recently read that it's the Queen's favourite nail shade, and you just can't argue with Her Royal Highness. 

With so many bright and brilliant colours out there at the moment, and with more and more quirky nail designs and trends emerging, the simple nude nail can often get lost amongst it all. However, for me nothing beats a light pink.

I was so excited to receive the little pink bottle through the post and even more delighted when it was on my nails and looking beautiful. Essie is a brand which I had high hopes for and is one of the more expensive nail products I now own (I usually spend about £3 / £4 on varnish, whereas Essie's colours are normally around £7 - £10.). They have a great reputation though, and I was praying that I wouldn't be let down. I had heard all sorts of rumours about fake bottles being sold, and I'd bought fairly high-end polishes before which had chipped within moments. I was, therefore, praying that Essie wouldn't disappoint.

Ballet Slippers is a beautiful, pale pink which reminds me of tiny seashells and creamy strawberry milkshakes. It's delicate, feminine and classic - a shade I can imagine would go with any outfit for any occasion, and is definitely not just for summer.

The bottle is the standard Essie design which I think is incredibly cute and looks great on my table top too - always a must. In general, then, the whole product itself is adorable and sophisticated and I couldn't be more pleased.

As for application, I was a little concerned, I'll admit. I used a base coat (as you always should!) and after the first coat I noticed that it was a little streaky - as is the risk with light, pale colours. I waited to see how it would look after a few more layers and was relieved when it improved dramatically at three coats, which I think is pretty normal. 

I did put a fourth coat on for good measure and the final result was stunning. I had no streaks, an even coverage and a beautiful shine (especially after a top coat). It wasn't thick, which meant it didn't smudge easily while it was drying and it didn't have that awful build up of a thick layer that happens when you layer up a thick, gloopy polish making you feel as though you're wearing tacky, cheap fake nails.

Ballet Slippers lasted for five days before it started to chip a little, which I thought was brilliant, and the chipping wasn't even very noticeable because of the light colour. I had so many compliments from colleagues and friends too, which is always the sign of a keeper.

I adore this polish; it's classic, easy to apply and of a very high quality. I'm planning to wear this to an upcoming wedding in two weeks, and it'll no doubt remain a favourite for the rest of the summer  and beyond (it did feature in my June Favourites after all!)

I'm already deciding which Essie shade will be my next - what's your favourite? Do you love Essie too?


  1. What a lovely colour, I prefer paler shades in the summer and bright colours in the winter! I might have to invest in this! x