Monday, 14 July 2014

Ways to Win my Heart

I like to think I'm a girl who enjoys the simple things in life. I've never been one for glamour, or grand gestures; diamonds may be a girl's best friend, and I'd never say no to a sparkle or two, but more often than not I adore small token and pure moments. I'm not just talking about romance and love here - but friendship and happiness in every way.

It's important to remember what makes you happy - what makes your heart sing, and your eyes shine and your mouth stretch wide. Life is hard, and doesn't always go as planned. Things can be confusing, and the technicalities can get in the way of realising that life isn't about a salary, or keeping the house tidy, or getting rid of the cellulite that dimples your thighs.

My heart can be won by a fresh bunch of flowers; from beautiful perfect roses, to small sprigs of blooms grown in the garden, purple and pink against fresh green leaves. The manufactured floral displays that last for weeks and weeks, and the simple bunches that begin to sadly droop within days. Pungent, scent-less, exotic or homely. Nothing brightens up a room, or makes a house feel more like home.

My heart swells with beautiful music. Film music, in particular. Sit me in a calm room, or lie me on a soft bed, with the sun just going down, and play me Ludovico Einaudi, John Williams or Thomas Newman , and I will laugh, smile, cry or feel my heart breaking or mending all at once. Instrumental, classical scores say the things that humans cannot put into words. They are audio-emotions, and nothing makes me feel alive more than that.

My heart and soul are soothed by long hot bubble baths. It's a cliche, really, but the bubbles and sweet scents and glowing candles allow me to rest, to breathe, and take time out. Hand me a bath product and draw me a bath to soak in and my skin and I will be ever grateful. 

My heart depends upon my senses; scent plays a huge part of my life, conjuring memories so sweet and soothing. The smell of the English seaside, with it's salt, seaweed, soaked wood and sand will remind me of many family holidays in Devon, Cornwall and Dorset; crabbing on the quay, eating rich honeycomb ice cream and finding grains of sand in my shoes long after leaving the beach. The smell of a cold frosty morning will remind me of autumn as a child; of acorns, conkers and chestnuts; of crisp walks in the woods at home, of bonfires and damp socks and cosy evenings. The smells of aftershave, ale-laced pubs, cloves and oranges, Pear's Soap and more - these release countless memories.

My heart enjoys moments of peace and normality; sharing a moment with a loved one should never be overlooked. Enjoying a moment or reading together, or listening to music, or lying on the grass with nothing but birds and passing families to disturb the peace. Finding stillness in a moment without pushing it; no sparkle or razzle-dazzle. Just you, and me, and a moment shared, enjoying an hour or two together with nothing forced. Nothing expected. Just us.

It goes without saying that my heart will be yours if you join me for brunch. Of course.

My heart will beat for a good cup of tea, an evening walk or a sweet coffee over catching up. It beats for stories, revealing facts and life's big questions answered in that sweet moment after the light goes out but before sleep consumes you. It will never tire of tender touches; of a hair being swept from my forehead, of fingertips brushing my face as I fall asleep, of a hug or a reassuring palm on my back to guide me forward or comfort me.

My heart, however, will always be true to you, friend, lover or family, if you are honest, true and mindful. And always, always yourself.


  1. This is wonderful. What a lovely piece of writing :)

  2. This is a beautiful post and a wonderful piece of writing! I think we're very similar. I'm listening to Ludovico Einaudi reading your post and the two go hand in hand.

  3. Beautiful post, tea and scones are always a quick way to my heart. ;) x

  4. Such a sweet post! Tea and scones are always best! I've nominated you for a the liebster ward my lovely!
    More details on my blog :)

    Roseanne xox