Friday, 4 July 2014

Burgundy Blogroll: June

It seems only moments ago that I was waxing lyrical about some of my favourite bloggers and their work in May, and yet here I am again, trawling through my Bloglovin' feed and singling out those which captured my imagination and my heart in June.

As always, I'd love to share with you some of the most inspiring, beautiful, delicious, funny, informative posts I've stumbled across over the last month. Some of these are from firm favourites, and some are from new discoveries, but they all deserve a mention. Each title is linked so you can easily have a read too - I'd love to know if you enjoyed them as much as I did, so do let me know!

If you're curious about what I've enjoyed reading previously, you can find my past blogrolls here:

Blogger Milly has been sharing snippets of her upcoming wedding with us all over her Instagram, Twitter and (of course) her blog, which I have loved. It looks like it'll be a beautiful day - and these photos are just to die for. I couldn't resist taking a look one evening after she posted a link on her Twitter and I just have to say, they really do bring out the romantic in me. Each photograph captures a couple so full of love. If you want to be filled with warmth and happiness then find a moment to take a peek yourself (and subsequently start planning your own very cute wedding too!). Thank you Milly for sharing this special moment with us all. I wish you and your fiance all the best for your big day and your future together.

Laura Jane's blog, Superlatively Rude, has only been in my life for a couple of months but already her writing has thoroughly inspired me. Her work is incredibly candid, honest and liberating, and the fact that she writes down her most raw and personal thoughts and contemplations makes me think even deeper about my own life. Every time I receive her latest post in my inbox I immediately drop what I am doing to read it. This post, written right at the end of June, is incredibly poignant and moving. She has a beautiful way of writing; the way she captures life in words reminds me of the way a lens can capture the sun's flare at the end of the day; a beautiful, emotional moment when you really do feel alive and realise what living is all about; you feel calmness and turmoil all at the same time. The subject of this post; a letter to herself sent from the past, is a snapshot of her personal life. We get to see her past self's hopes and dreams and wishes and her reaction to this. I won't spoil it any more, and urge you to read on. I now hope to write myself a letter such as this one; it seems good for the soul. A definite must read - and, while you're there, be sure to catch up on her other work and follow her blog too.

Lily's posts always attract me; pristine, pretty, well-written and engaging. So when she posted her blogging tips I just had to take note. I myself am struggling with blogging at the moment and advice like this can really help - especially when it comes to organisation, which is something I adore!  When an established blogger imparts wisdom I always pay attention and I will definitely be taking this all on board. A great post to read if you're feeling a little unorganised or lost with your writing.

A Little Opulent: Being a 20-something in 2014 (By Rebecca Warriner)

I really enjoyed reading this post on A Little Opulent. It's honest, frank and a very different subject to most posts I stumble across. No pretty Benefit samples in this one! Since I am a twenty-something myself, I related to so many of the points made. I do believe that my generation are going through a real change, and coping with a lot of new pressures and ideals. If nothing else, this post will make you think a little harder about your place in society, and could even spark your own piece, or a conversation between friends. 

Cider with Rosie: {Video} Spinach & Feta Pasties

How could I not include this recipe post in this month's blogroll? You probably already know that Rosie's blog is a firm favourite of mine, and I always pore over her delicious looking recipes. This is no exception and I am planning to make these delights for a picnic with my parents in a few weeks. I love that it's in video format, and it makes it loo so easy and simple. Rosie has a great way of presenting recipes in all forms, be it text or film. Something to add to your own recipe folder for the future!

A Thrifty Mrs: 5 Reasons Why Money Saving Doesn't Work For You

I stumbled across this post from A Thrifty Mrs when I was browsing the posts on Bloglovin' and I am glad I did. As someone who is constantly budgeting - with a colour-coded spreadhseet, no less! - this post really engaged with me. How often do you buy items because they're on offer, regardless of whether they're on your list? I know I certainly reward myself with a little treat if I've resisted shopping too! A very practical post which will alter your outlook on budgeting and could save you a few pretty pennies too. What's not to love?

Let me know if you enjoy any of these posts too - what have been your favourite pieces from the month of June? Let me know in the comments below.


  1. Thank you for introducing me to the blog A Little Opulent - I really enjoyed that post. Even though I only left my twenties 2 short years ago, it was a great read. I can remember having those feelings at 24, heck I probably still have them, but you know what, life figures itself out and so long as your happy now and healthy too, you're doing better than most! :)

  2. Loved Superlatively Rude's post. Thanks for the introduction! This is a great idea - sharing the love :)