Wednesday, 6 August 2014

July Favourites

I'd just like to start off by apologising for the miserable lack of posts on SWB last month. I've been pretty busy, and life has just taken over - as it quite rightly should. I've also been feeling a little distant from the idea of blogging, and putting my life out there online (something that I hope to write about in the coming weeks). However, I've been brewing many ideas and have plenty of posts drafted and ready to publish, so hopefully August will be much more fruitful, regardless of my concerns!

Now, onto my monthly favourites. This month, of course, my favourites have been mostly based around the lovely summer weather. I haven't been shopping very much, but I've still managed to pick up a few star items, and there are some really exciting and different bits and pieces in this month's post which I will be elaborating on over the next few weeks!

John Green, Paper Towns

After falling in love with John Green's novel The Fault in our Stars (and bawling my eyes out watching the film adaptation) I couldn't wait to try one of his other books. I bought this at my local independent bookstore to support them while they were going through a little funding crisis. It's a fantastic book and definitely one of my new favourites. Paper Towns tells the story of a mysterious, enigmatic, creative young lady and a straight-laced, routine-focused boy. It's a coming-of-age adventure that commands your attention and can make you consider life's bigger questions. I've got my eye on Looking for Alaska next!

Pimm's Blackberry & Elderflower

Summer just isn't summer without Pimm's, and after weeks of sunshine I finally got round to trying some of their limited edition Blackberry and Elderflower. I think Elderflower is just divine, and couldn't wait to have some. It's delicious - perhaps not all it's hyped up to be if I'm being honest (and you can't really have it with the standard fruit and mint) but it is very very tasty and I will definitely be having some again.

Seventeen Falsifeye HD Mascara in Blackest Black & Soft Smudge Pencil Eye Kohl in Grey

I picked these up when I rushed into Boots to replace my Soap & Glory mascara in a makeup emergency; the mascara was cheap and newly released,  and there was an offer on - so I grabbed them both and hoped for the best! I've been very pleasantly surprised though - the Falsifeye HD mascara is amazing, and such a bargain, and the grey eye kohl makes a brilliant change from my usual black eyeliner. I'll be writing more on these very soon, since I really am completely converted.

Warehouse Sunglasses

I picked these up at the end of June and have been wearing all through the past month. Although they're a little different to my usual style, I think they're lovely and quirky without being too 'out there'. The only little issue is that the arms are quite loose already, but otherwise they do the trick and keep the sun out of my eyes, while looking good. I think these are in the sale now, so there might be limited availability, but it's definitely worth checking them out online if you're looking for a pair of good high-street sunglasses.

Sleek Makeup Gel Effect Lacquer in Waikiki

I received Sleek Makeup's Gel Lacquer in Waikiki in my goody bag for Cosmopolitan's Superblogger Masterclass at the end of June (I never reviewed the event, sadly!) . The colour is not one I thought I would buy, personally, but it's perfect for summer and is really not as bright as I expected, which makes it very wearable and the perfect summer shade. It even makes me look like I have a slight tan, which is always a plus! I'll definitely be wearing this throughout the remaining summer months (and beyond!)

Next Point Shoes in Rose Gold

Well...these rose gold stilettos from Next aren't my usual style. They're metallic, eye catching...and very pointy. However, I casually entered Next's weekly 'Shoe of the Week' competition on Twitter...and won them! It was a huge surprise and really made my week. I was a bit worried I wouldn't like them but as soon as I received them in the post I completely fell in love. They're very elegant and put me out of my fashion comfort zone (which is what I need to do more!) . They looked perfect with a dress I wore to a friend's wedding, as they're fairly neutral with a twist! I'd love to write about them more actually - so watch this space.

Hawaiian Tropic Satin Protection Ultra Radiance, SPF 30

Another treat from the Cosmo Masterclass gift bag. This Hawaiian Tropic sun lotion is the perfect size to carry in my handbag, and it smells delicious - not the usual clammy sun-cream scent! It also has a little shimmer, to enhance your tan (not that I have one...). Simple, but effective - a definite summer staple!

This bookmark doesn't have a name or title - I bought it in a very cute little independent nick-knack store when I visited the seaside and fell in love. I'm really trying to inspire and motivate myself more at the moment, and adore the little mottoes found on Pinterest and blogs like this. I thought this saying was perfect and, since I read so much, I see it every day. It reminds me to push myself and work hard for the life I want to live. Isn't it cute?

What have you been loving this last month?

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