Tuesday, 4 March 2014

Lush Cosmetics: 'Veganese' Conditioner

After waxing lyrical to my Mum about my recent Lush purchase, Rub Rub Rub, I went home last weekend (for a little break) to a Lush bag sitting on my bed.

Inside was a tiny bottle of Lush's 'Veganese' Conditioner - a little treat and my first hair-care product from the company! I was so touched and couldn't wait to try it out, as I'm still utterly head-over-heels for anything Lush related (can you tell?)

'Veganese' is a lightweight conditioner which is designed to nourish hair 'without weighing it down'. It's not a heavy, overly creamy conditioner or an intensive mask, but instead nourishes hair, gives it shine and makes it healthy without coating it in too much product. It's ingredients include lavender, rosemary, seaweed and lemon - not scents I would usually put together, but this little bottle smells heavenly - fresh, clean and soothing.

With its promise of lightweight shine and a soothed scalp, I was instantly sold. I have struggled with a sensitive scalp from a young age, and it flares up with anxiety or poor maintenance, so this sounded like just what it needed. Sensitive scalp shampoos can be too medicinal for my liking, and despite my religious use of Neutrogena's T Gel when I have my 'episodes', sometimes it just feels like it doesn't do anything to soothe my poor head.

On my first morning back at home, after waking up to glorious sunshine after a night's sleep which you only ever get in your own bed,  I jumped in the shower, got lathered up, and reached for this little pot of goodness.

The first thing that struck me was how runny it was. This is due to my previous point about it being lightweight and not overwhelmingly thick. It surprised me, and I felt the need to put on more than I probably needed. I'm so used to thick conditioners! Now that's I've used it once I'll be able to judge the quantity I should be using a little easier.

Despite it's runny consistency, it felt rich in its own right. I smoothed it over my hair, working it between strands with my finger tips and left it for a few minutes as I washed myself.  It was very easy to wash out (as I expected) and I could instantly feel that my hair was softer and easier to manage - it didn't feel like I had any leftover product in there. I think this may be the best conditioner to use if you're trying to reduce the product build-up in your hair, or you want to give your scalp a detox without compromising on shine and nourishment!

It was a joy to blow dry after using 'Veganese', and after using some of Liz Earle's Nourishing Hair Oil on my damp hair before styling, it felt incredibly soft, healthy and looked very shiny. Granted, this was helped by the hair oil,  but the two combined  worked well and now my hair feels soft and weightless. It just goes to prove that natural ingredients can work like a dream!

I'm really looking forward to  integrating it into my hair-care routine. I used it again a few days later without extra product and my hair still felt soft and easy to manage, so it seems perfect for regular use - perhaps a must-have for those who wash their hair really regularly. It states that it is kind, gentle and simple to use, and my hair and scalp definitely seem to agree!

Do you use any of Lush's haircare products? Which are your favourite?



  1. This product sounds wonderful! I've never tried one of Lush's hair care products. Next time I visit, maybe I should take this one with me :)

    Sofie x
    Little green Sofie

    1. It really is worth trying, even if you just buy one of the little bottles to see if you like it :) I'm always finding new products to try in Lush!

      Jo xxx