Friday, 14 March 2014

Bangers at Bill's, Cambridge

I've been eyeing up the menu at Bill's for weeks. Their delicious-looking breakfasts and diving main courses are plastered all over Instagram accounts and twitter feeds, and their praises sung on many of my favourite blogs. So when I was in Cambridge last weekend, where else could I go for dinner?

After a wonderful day of walking around in the spring sunshine, beneath blossom-coated trees and among the daffodils (a la Wordsworth, naturally) I found myself heading towards Bill's in Cambridge, my stomach rumbling and ready to be treated to a delicious dinner.

We stepped inside and were shown to our seats after a mere five minutes wait; excellent for early on a Saturday evening!

The restaurant was quirky and exciting, and had a fantastic atmosphere which immediately made me feel as though I was in for an excellent evening. I fell in love with it instantly; the walls were lined with chalkboards covered in recipes, brightly coloured jars of jam and marmalade, and a delightful array of groceries which I just couldn't keep my eyes off, including some lovely looking french cordials and amaretto biscuits. It was bustling, busy and vibrant, and I felt incredibly welcome and very, very happy.

It didn't take long for me to decide my meal of choice. Usually, I spend forever poring over the menu, tempted by the many options catching my eye. However, as soon as I was handed the Specials menu, my eyes rested on one dish, and I settled there and then:

Bill's Bangers 'n' Mash, char-grilled Cumberland sausages with 
a goats' cheese mash, onion gravy and crispy onion rings.

Now, who on earth could resist that?! I'm not normally one for opting for a meat dish, and I don't eat a lot of pork, but this absolutely screamed comfort food. If any of you reading this know me well, you will know I can't resist mashed potato... and when paired with goats' cheese? mouth is watering again at the thought!

I also ordered a glass of house white (I'm not picky with wines, and the house wine sounded fruity, which is just what I like) and settled back to enjoy the atmosphere. My boyfriend ordered their 'Sugar and Spice' marinated half chicken, which also sounded divine (and was my back-up option) and we also asked for a bowl of olives. The menu was extensive and unique, and there was something for everyone - I could imagine that this would be a great place to come with a big group of friends!

Bill's offer a range of groceries, which all look delicious, and hark back to its humble beginnings as a grocery store. You're able to order your shopping while you eat too, with a small leaflet allowing you to select your choices; a member of staff will collect your order form and gather your groceries while you eat, delivering them to you at the end and the cost is just added to your bill. I thought this was a brilliant idea and had to stop myself from ordering the entire wall next to our table - maybe next time!

Unfortunately, our olives never arrived... but the main meals were served very quickly and we had no time to mourn our loss! Thankfully, the waitress was very kind, apologised for her mistake, and deducted it from our bill. These things happen, and I was too excited about my main meal that I didn't mind at all! There was no fuss, and we barely had to wait anyway.

Now, I warn you...the photos don't make it look especially appetising, but I really have to say that this was one of the best, most indulgent servings of Bangers and Mash I've ever had. I could have eaten it twice, or thrice over!

Trust me, it looked even better in real life and tasted like heaven.

I am not the biggest fan of sausages, but these were incredibly tasty and of a high quality - no nasty bits of gristle or fat, with a fantastic herby taste. The mashed potato was absolute heaven. I would never have thought to put goats' cheese in mash, with a little bit of leek, but it worked so well and I will definitely be trying it myself! 

I also had it on good authority that the 'Sweet and Spicy' chicken was delicious too, as were the sweet potato fries which accompanied it. Ok, I'll admit, I had to have a little taste - but I wasn't going to say no! The chicken was dreamy - not dry at all, and succulent with excellent taste.

Our meals finished, we declined the pudding menu, finished our wine, and (after paying the bill of course!)  headed out into a fresh spring evening to walk home with a tub of frozen yoghurt from a new frozen yoghurt shop called Chill.

I've given up chocolate for lent, so I chose cherry yoghurt topped with honeycomb and raspberries. It was tasty, but I don't think it was worth the £4 I ended up paying - still, it satisfied my sweet tooth! I think, however, I'll be sticking to Snog or Pinkberry.

It was the perfect end to a perfect day, and I'm currently counting down the days / weeks / months until I can head back for one of Bill's breakfasts. I can definitely see why it's so popular! Fortunately Bill's are all over the place, especially in London, and restaurants are always being opened in new locations.

You can find menus, locations and grocery items on Bill's website HERE.



  1. ahhh yes! we should Bills it up together! I love their wall of jam. I want to own that wall of jam. NO WAIT. I want to live at Bills! <3

    1. The wall of jam was calling to me too...I'm half tempted just to buy everything when I return! If I lived there, I'd be very fat, but VERY happy!

  2. Hmmm this looks so super yummy. What a unique restaurant!! Love that jam!!

    1. It was delicious - and I am definitely buying some jam next time! x

  3. I love this, such a great tip about it all being on their website as I didn't know that.
    Beth x

    1. Thanks! Glad you enjoyed reading this post xx

  4. mmmm looks yummy! I'll have to pop by.

    1. I can't recommend it enough! Let me know if you do go :) x