Tuesday, 25 March 2014

Sunny Sunday Brunch - Jacobs & Field, Oxford

Sunday Brunch has to be one of my favourite things to do. The thought of taking some time out, relishing the start of the end of the weekend, enjoying a nice cup of tea or a sweet frothy coffee and eating food which is maybe a little more indulgent than usual is just bliss for me. At this time of year, with the sunshine rising earlier and earlier and the sky as blue as can be, scarred only with the wisps of an airplane trail...what more could you ask for?

After our busy Saturday absorbing all there is to see in Oxford, C and I made our way along to Jacobs & Field in Headington to ease ourselves into the Sunday. The sun was already warm, the daffodils were out in full force, and the stone cottages made the morning as gorgeous as can be.

Jacobs & Field is a deli, grocery and coffee house all rolled into one, exuding homely comforts and freshness. It stands on the spot of  The Market Garden, established in 1880, and has seemingly maintained its friendly, welcoming and earthy nature for years and years. It was even voted Best Deli in the South East in 2011.

We grabbed the last table in the tiny courtyard outside, and only took seconds to decide that a classic fry up and cup of tea would be our cure for the tiredness (which had nothing to do with the cocktails we had consumed the night before...honest!).

Jacobs & Field also sell groceries, and the interior of the cafe-come-store is adorned with natural decor and fresh homemade goodies. I had to avoid temptation to postpone my brunch for a spot of shopping, but my stomach had other ideas! With local places such as this I am often wary of being noticed as a 'stranger', not a regular customer. However, I felt very, very welcome and placed my order with ease. The staff were incredibly lovely too.

And the food? Well, the tea was delicious. They served Teapigs teabags, which tasted incredible - and the milk came in teeny tiny milk bottles which were just adorable. The fry up was delicious - the baked beans were clearly home-made and tasted ten times better than the canned variety; the eggs were soft and buttery and everything tasted so fresh. Sometimes a simple fry up can be the best way to start your day, or indeed end your weekend. It's even better when it's not loaded with grease!

Normally I'm a fan of Eggs Benedict, or pancakes, but that morning I wanted no fuss or frills; just good, honest, natural food, and that's what I got. I am so grateful to C for taking me to Jacobs & Field. We left feeling sun-kissed and satisfied, ready to embrace the day. If you're in the area, I can't recommend this place enough (and will be insistent on returning upon my next trip to Oxford!).

Not many things make me happier than brunch with my nearest and dearest, and surely I'm not the only one.

Do you love Sunday Brunch as much as I do?



  1. I LOVE brunch! The best days are when you have brunch and then afternoon tea :) Much better than breakfast, lunch and dinner!

    OMG how gorgeous and blue is that sky?! I haven't been brave enough to eat outside yet, we've had a few warm and sunny days but the wind in the North East can make it a bit chilly, and I'm a wuss who hates being cold!

    I usually order eggs benedict too, I always love the idea of pancakes but never order them cos I worry they wont fill me up as much as a huge breakfast


    1. Isn't it the best? I adore it! It was such a lovely day that day and hopefully we'll be able to eat outside more and more now that spring is officially here. The wind always ruins it though. Oh, and I wouldn't worry - I normally get hungry so soon after brunch, no matter what I order! x

  2. Going out for Sunday brunch definitely gives you that rare fleeting feeling of intense foodie satisfaction. I'm glad you enjoyed your brunch date with C. The breakfast meal you ordered looks absolutely scrumptious. It's no wonder you left the bistro ready to embrace the day. Thanks for sharing that, Jo! All the best to you!

    Crystal Carson @ Tacky Jacks