Saturday, 7 December 2013

Adventures in Aarhus: Marselisborg Mindeparken

Bright an early on a Sunday morning, we looked out upon a beautiful winter’s day in Aarhus, Denmark. The sun, which usually hid behind a smothering of grey cloud, shone brightly, complementing the cool, crisp air, and we couldn’t wait to get outside and enjoy our final day in the city.

The view from Ellie's room in student accommodation

Ellie had mentioned a deer park, or mindeparken, just outside of the city, and we wrapped up warm ready for a brisk walk in the Danish countryside.  As we made our way to the bus station in the city centre, we ended up getting distracted by one of Ellie’s favourite shops, and spent a lengthy amount of time browsing and buying (though you’ll have to wait until after Christmas for my haul, as it would spoil a few presents!).

Having finally finished in the shops, we got onto the bus and travelled out of the city into the beautiful suburbs, with its skeletal trees, fresh green grass and pavements coated in leaves. We finally made our way to the park, which was right by the sea, and was absolutely stunning.

The park's true name is Marselisborg Mindeparken, near to the summer palace of the royal family. We didn't see the palace, but I definitely would make sure I found it if I went again.  There is also a monument elsewhere to the Danes who lost their lives in the First World War. You can find out a bit more about the park, and memorial park, HERE.

This was the sort of place my family and I would love to go for our Christmas day / boxing day walk. The floor was strewn with orange leaves, and we were surrounded by so many tall trees. We were joined by many families, and it seemed to be a local destination for Sunday walks for many in the area.

As soon as we entered the park, we encountered a large herd of deer, complete with a very dominant stag who certainly made his presence known! The deer were relatively tame, providing you offered them a carrot or two! Unfortunately we had forgotten any food, but watched as young children edged closer to the animals. We even got to stroke them ourselves, if we were gentle!

Once we’d watched the herd for a while, we climbed a steep hill to the very top, and found more deer and some impressive views. The sun was quite low in the sky which made for beautiful photographs, and we basked in its warmth for a bit, before walking around the park to explore the surroundings. 

Bronwen sunning herself

After a long walk, we decided that we were hungry , and walked back along the shore line to the nearest bus stop. Though it was cold, it was absolutely stunning, and a really lovely place to wander.

Red-cheeked and windswept, we chatted excitedly about our next destination – the cake buffet we had been eagerly awaiting all day! They say an army marches on its stomach – and it seems we do too!


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