Monday, 30 March 2015

Running 10km: February's progress

February was my second full month of training for my 10km run - and it was a good one.

I kept to my Couch to 5km programme diligently, tried to run every other day when possible, and kept myself motivated. These updates are a great way for me to keep note of my progress and to really see how I've done, so here are February's running stats!

February summary:

Fastest run: 6'59"km (average)
Furthest run: 6.90km (49:53mins)
Total runs: 10
Total distance covered: 48.1km (13.8km further)
Average speed: 7'24"km (27" faster)

I started using my Couch to 5km podcast but by the end I was using it in my own way! I found that as I could run further, I didn't want to stop when I was told to in Week 6. When I was told to walk to cool down, I would rewind the track, walk for five minutes, then run for another 12.5 minutes (or half of the run). This meant that I could keep pushing myself

The programme has been very useful, but at the 6th week I found that it was limiting. I was conditioning myself to stop after a certain time, when I really wanted to see how far I could push myself.

The other thing I found difficult was running at the gym every night. I loved having a way to train when the evenings were darker, but running facing a wall felt monotonous and repetitive. After a long day at the office, I felt like I moved from one screen to another.

I found ways around this as much as possible, however. I worked out that covering my treadmill screen with a towel meant that I was running until I had to stop, rather than counting calories or watching the seconds peel away. I also tried to let my mind wander.

However, at weekends I would run outside, which was much more pleasant. It's great for the brain and for motivation, and my longest and quickest runs were always completed outdoors! I'd really recommend prioritising outdoor running if you can - it's harder but much more rewarding!

I found that running regularly made me more conscious of my eating too and so my meals naturally became full of fresh vegetables, avoiding ready-made sauces - like these sweet potato falafels! Everything tastes better when it's fresh and it began a great cycle of health (which sadly ended when I went to London for a weekend!).

To complement my new-found enjoyment of running - and to reward my progress! - at the end of the month I purchased some brand new running shoes in a sale - which I am hoping will make the training journey even easier on my body! You'll be hearing about how my trainers have affected my progress in my March update.

Now... I have just under one month to go until my big run! Unfortunately so far in March I've done very little training due to a lack of free time, illness and, at the moment, a dodgy ankle! However, I am keen to get back out there and do my best before the big day arrives. I've decided to no longer use the Couch to 5km programme, and instead running to my own playlist for as long as I can to see how far I can naturally go.

I'm a little concerned that I need to run 10km in a month and yet I've only ever managed just under 7km...but I will just try my best this month and try to enjoy what happens.

What do I hope for in the next month?

March goals:

  • KEEP GOING! (again!)
  • Run for as long as possible without watching my time to test my ability naturally
  • Learn how to fuel myself properly
  • Enjoy the lighter evenings and enjoy!
  • Restart my routine, running every other day come rain or shine
  • Hit 8km

If you're at all interested in sponsoring me for my run, you can find out more on my Virgin Moneygiving page. I'm running in aid of Mind, the mental health charity - a cause very close to my heart.

Have you ever run in an event before? Let me know if you have any tips or tricks for me in the comments!

She Wears Burgundy


  1. Amazing work and goals! I always find the treadmill so much harder mentally. I usually have to have something interesting on the TV just to watch and even then I keep staring at the seconds ticking up!

    With regards to nutrition, I find I've trained myself to psychologically have better runs if I've eaten certain things. I always smash my runs if I have a slice of rye bread with peanut butter and banana because I've had so many good runs after that particularly combo - mentally that my mind and body are conditioned to respond well. Obviously eating the right stuff is important, but you can also trick yourself into thinking "I've had x today, so I have loads of energy to run like a beast now!" Also, avoid oily/fatty things before a run as they make you feel sooo sick (but sounds like you're already eating fresh and good!)

    Looking forward to seeing your progress in the next few weeks, you'll definitely hit that 8km soon!