Sunday, 22 March 2015

Life's Loves: February Favourites

Yes, it's a little late, but it's time for another favourites post! I hope you're not bored of them by now. Another month sped by in a flash! February was full of running, train journeys and family. I had a lot of very busy weekends filled with my favourite people - and food, and I can barely collect my memories together for this post.

As usual, I like to share a few of my favourite things with you all in the hope to inspire you and even give a little advice. So, without further ado, here are a few of my favourite things from this month!


Couvent des Minimes Hand Cream - Botanical Recipe of Love

Containing beeswax, shea butter and coconut oil, this hand cream is light and incredibly moisturising. Honestly, this came in a set of three and I've been using all of them every day - I love the fresh, natural scents and this has been perfect during the chilly few weeks before spring!

Eyeliner is a staple in my makeup bag - I honestly feel a little naked without it. I bought a set of four from Soap and Glory in the Boots January sales as it was such a bargain and have fallen in love with them! I've used the black kohl liner before so jumped at the chance to try a few different colours to mix things up a little. These stay on all day, which is perfect, and are so easy to use. I love the brown colour for a more subtle look and adore using the green for a pop of colour.


Aubergine Fox teardrop necklace

I love to try to support smaller businesses when I can, and I've been following Aubergine Fox on Instagram and Twitter for months. When I heard that they were selling some of their Etsy products in a local start-up store in Southampton I couldn't resist popping in, and bought this delicate teardrop necklace! I wear it all the time and have had many complements from friends and family. I can't resist simple gold jewellery to finish an outfit.


All the Bright Things by Jennifer Niven

This book hasn't been out for long, and so I was excited to get stuck in! All the Bright Things is a Young Adult novel, but I don't think that should stop anyone reading it - after all, great books like The Fault in our Stars are also classed as YA! I loved this book and it certainly is an emotional read, so I hope to write a review of sorts very soon.

Top with Cinnamon by Izy Hossack

A recipe book written by a blogger with gorgeous photos and delicious recipes? Perfect! I was given this for my birthday in November and have been trying it out over the last month - so far, so good! Aside from a little mix-up with cayenne pepper and tbsp vs tsp (ooooops!) everything has been very tasty. If you're looking to expand your recipe book collection and want an attractive addition I cant recommend this enough.


Pearl small clear bowl, The Hambledon

I purchased this cute glass bowl during one of my little jaunts to Winchester - and it's perfect for all of my little bits of jewellery! I love how simple it is and it's the perfect size. 


Film scores

Throughout the month of February I was listening to film scores pretty much non-stop at work - I find they're perfect for motivation and relaxation! You read my recent post to find out about my favourites.

Food & Drink

64 degrees

At the very end of the month I indulged in an incredible evening at 64 Degrees in London. I will be reviewing it in the next few weeks but for now I will just say...WOW.  It's definitely a restaurant to choose for a very special treat.

Beetroot, Oxford

I stumbled across Beetroot when I was wandering down Cowley Road in Oxford one rainy Saturday. I can't resist a health food cafe and ended up diving straight in without hesitation and ordering a bowl of salad and a fresh apple and pear juice. Everything was so fresh and light and it was the perfect healthy treat! Sadly they don't have a website but if you're in the area I'd recommend checking it out.

Savoury pancakes

February of course involved pancake day! I'm normally a lemon and sugar kind of girl, but I fancied something a little different this year! I ended up enjoying pancakes for both a main meal and dessert, enjoying a vegetable and goats cheese pancake. It was delicious, and I'll definitely make them again for a light lunch!

What were you enjoying last month?

She Wears Burgundy


  1. I adore that necklace! So beautiful! X

  2. I love the Hambledon! I bought myself a bottle of Dr Bronner's last week and I am lovin' it so far :) it is so nice reading a blog by someone else in the area! :)

  3. Lovely post! I've seen that book a few times now i really want to read it! That necklace is also really cute, small little intricate necklaces are the prettiest.
    love jen,

  4. I agree with everyone else that necklace is so dainty and lovely! It's my birthday soon so may *accidentally* leave this blog post open for present inspiration!

  5. All the bright things has been on my wishlist for a while now, so I want to make it the next book I purchase for sure! I read your review of 64 degrees too.. it sounds amazing! xx

    Sam | Samantha Betteridge