Tuesday, 19 November 2013

November Nails

I've been lusting after some new nail varnish for months. I really wanted to get my hands on
something different, and have been hoping to try out some matte nail varnish while its still on trend. Fortunately, I was lucky enough to receive four gorgeous nail varnishes for my birthday!

And here they are:

From left to right:
  1. Barry M Matte Nail Paint in #2 Crush
  2. Barry M Matte Nail Paint in #5 Mocha
  3. Rimmel London 60 Seconds Nail Varnish in #621 Mary Mary Quite Contrary
  4. Topshop Matte Nails in Mystic.

So, let's see what I thought of them!

1. Barry M Matte Nail Paint in #2 Crush

 This caught my eye weeks ago on a trip to boots, so I was overjoyed to unwrap it! As you can tell, the colour is perfect for me - a lovely burgundy! Application was very easy and it was perfect with one coat! The matte finish is beautiful and really understated. This is already a firm favourite! I can imagine it would be perfect with a hint of gold glitter on the tips for Christmas. I love Barry M, and this certainly lived up to my expectations.

2. Barry M Matte Nail Paint in #5 Mocha

Mocha is another matte varnish I had my eye on and, like the Crush, was easy to apply and provided full coverage with just one layer. Due to the matte finish it comes out in a slightly darker colour, but it lovely and neutral and I know this will just about match anything! I love mink coloured varnishes and this one will regularly make its way onto my nails. Well done again Barry M!

3.Rimmel London 60 Seconds Nail Varnish in #621 Mary Mary Quite Contrary

This varnish is the only one out of the group which is a) not matte and b) not a colour I would automatically go for myself. This has a lovely lilac hue, making it off-white and therefore slightly less scary in my eyes than the bright white nails which are everywhere at the moment! The application wasn't as smooth as Barry M - it took two to three coats to get it opaque and even, but this didn't put me off. The outcome is a lovely light nail which is perfect for the season! I am so pleased to have been given something which is slightly out of my beauty comfort zone since now I will be wearing this an awful lot. Another new favourite!

 4. Topshop Matte Nails in Mystic


I love Topshop nail varnishes - this one looks slightly pink, but really it is more of a right red when applied in two or three coats. It's easy to apply and does take a few layers to get it perfect. It's not quite as matte as the Barry M Nail Paints though that may be because I used a base coat first - I plan to try it without a base coat next time. However, I love the colour, and it stays on my nails for a good few days. Again, another favourite!

Here are all of the varnishes applied (excuse my poor nail-painting skills!). All are applied with a base coat:

The Topshop Matte Nail Varnish has shown up as quite shiny in the photo on the right, but it is more matte in real life, and this may be due to wearing a base coat beneath it. However, when I wore the Topshop Matte varnish to work I got a lot of compliments!  I don't think photographs do the varnishes justice, so I do recommend you try them out if you can!

I love each of the varnishes I was given (thank you so much to those that gave them to me if you're reading!)

Have you tried any of these varnishes? What did you think? Let me know what you'll be wearing on your nails this winter!


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