Wednesday, 6 November 2013

A Lush Christmas: Bombardino

I’m a sucker for Lush products; always have been , always will be. Some people find their scents too overpowering, but I love wandering into stores to see what’s new and to sniff at each and every bath bomb!

I am even more of a fan at Christmas. It used to be a tradition of mine to buy a special Christmas bath bomb and indulge in a very seasonal hot bath on Christmas eve. However, once I became a student, the purse strings were tightened, and I had to put an end to this tradition. This year, however, I am hoping that it will make a come-back – and I have already been window shopping to see what's available!

Now, I haven’t chosen my Christmas Eve bath bomb just yet, but my Mum did treat me to one of Lush's new products a few weeks back. It’s from their Christmas range, but after smelling it I just had to try it there and then. It’s this little chap:

He’s called Bombardino, and according to Lush he is made of Cocoa Butter and Sicilian Lemon Oil and let me tell you, it is just like you have invited a lemon meringue pie to have a bath with you!

After a quick google, I found out that Bombardino is actually a popular Italian winder drink, made with Advocaat or Eggnog and Brandy, served hot with a topping of whipped cream. This not only explains the seemingly obscure name, but also the look of the bath bomb and the use of Sicilian lemon too! It's a sample of a European winter....minus the alcohol, of course.

I love Cocoa Butter, and have countless products containing it;  it always leaves my skin feeling so so soft! When I knew that it was an ingredient in this bath bomb, I knew that it would be nourishing, indulgent and rich.  The scent of it works really well with the lemon oil too, meaning that it’s not zingy enough to wake you up but fresh enough to enjoy the fruity scent. The beauty of this is that it’s not too festive – I would use this gem all year round!

The other thing that made me smile is that he seems to have little eyes (hence why I’m saying ‘he’ all the time!). Granted most of the Bombardino’s I saw looked slightly evil or mischievous! But I just thought he was so cute and yummy, I couldn't resist choosing him for my bath.  It's also one of the cheaper ones, at £2.50 (sounds a lot but that’s very cheap for Lush!) which is ideal for those of you on a budget or looking for a stocking filler this Christmas!

So, one Saturday night, I settled into my bath, dropped Bombardino in, and found a radio channel broadcasting a poetry recital (I love poetry, so this was a very happy accident!). I instantly felt relaxed, and for a small bath bomb it really lasted a very long time! I wasn’t sure if my eyes were playing tricks, but I think there was some very fine glitter which came swirling out, giving my bath a golden glow, and my skin, as predicted, felt silky smooth afterwards.

I really like this bath bomb and am hoping to buy it again sometime. I can’t wait to try some more of Lush’s Christmas collection, so I think I’ll test a few more products before I bathe with Bombardino once more. However, this really is the guilt-free way of enjoying an indulgent European winter classic!



  1. Hi Joanne! I've been following your writings since you wrote for Life at Southampton blog (your writing was my favourite part!). I have to admit, you made Southampton seemed really interesting, it was one of the main reasons I chose it (and now here I am, living a happy life in Southampton, and loving everything about the uni). I was really excited when you announced that you were gonna publish your own blog, and I love every posts you wrote! Keep writing! :)

    1. Hi! Well....this comment really made my week, thank you so much for your lovely words!! I am glad you enjoyed the Southampton blog and even happier that you love living here! It means a lot that you enjoy my writing so much - before you commented I was getting a little insecure but this has really boosted me :) The fact that a stranger loves my blogging so much means the world to me. Thank you, herlittlejournal!

      Do keep in touch and I hope I continue to entertain you :) xx