Thursday, 31 October 2013

Boo on a Budget: My Hallowe'en Ghost Costume

It's the 31st October - Hallowe'en, or All Hallows Eve - the night when children don their masks and run to every door yelling 'Trick of Treat?!' when really you know they only want you to say treat. It's the night when you have an excuse to scare yourself silly with horror films into the early morning, play with face-paint without being judged, and generally enjoy all of the dark and ghoulish things which may seem out of place at any other time of year.

This year, I'm heading out to a friends house for dinner - as I type, I am meant to be getting ready! To continue the festive spirit I'm taking some Hotel Chocolat Tiddly Vampires with me - but alas, I will not be dressing up.

However, last year I went out with my sister to a nightlife event at my university as a student. This  meant that we needed to do our costumes on a tight budget and in one afternoon!

So here is my quick fix for a Hallowe'en Ghost Costume!

All you will need is:

1 XL mens white Tshirt (long or short sleeved)
1 new black permanent marker
1 pair of white tights / leggings
1 pair of short shorts (if you have tights on, to retain your modesty!)
Black eye makeup
Dark red / black lipstick
Lots of hairspray

After a quick trip to Primark, we were ready for our DIY outfits.

1. Sketch the outline for your ghost face - I used the famous Scream face as my inspiration!
2. Colour it in - this is why you need a new pen, as it WILL run out! (Be sure to put something under it to avoid the ink staining your table).
3. As you make sure the ink has dried, backcomb your hair and apply copious amounts of black eye makeup - for added darkness, slick deep red lipstick onto your lips.

And you're done!

My sister did the same but went as a pumpkin; orange shirt and green tights. This is a VERY versatile and last minute idea which you can really play around with - and I got plenty of compliments! You can be any character instantly, and wear it on a night out or to a house party. I think it's suitable for any gender too with the odd alteration - I know a few guys who would happily wear the tights!

One word of warning, however; if you go with the ghost idea, make sure you aren't at risk of revealing your underwear if you're out and there's a UV light!

Happy Hallowe'en everyone, whatever you get up to!



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    1. Thank you Joanna! Love your blog x

  2. This is actually such a cute top! From the tiny thumbnail I was expecting it to be topshop or something! Very creative xx