Tuesday, 23 September 2014

So Natural: So Renewed Rosehip and Mint Face & Body Oil*

It’s not often that you discover a product which is so impressive that you demand that everyone instantly smell you after you use it.

A couple of weeks ago I reviewed So Natural’s So Scrubbed Body Scrub, which is now a true favourite stashed in my bathroom (and is very nearly empty). Along with their scrub, I also received their So Renewed Face and Body Oil.

I explained in my last post about So Naturals focus on kind-to-skin and cruelty-free products. I think it must be hard to find an intensive oil which moisturises you all over without irritating your skin or covering you in chemicals- especially one which can be used as liberally on your face as it can on your legs.

The Face and body oil comes in a little glass bottle - with the same design as their other products. The glass is a lovely idea in my opinion; it’s much more eco-friendly than plastic, and I’d be hesitant to throw it away. It also gives the product a high-end, luxury feel, making me even more excited when I had to try this for the first time. I don't often get to use skincare products in glass packaging! It makes a lovely change to the standard plastic tubes and bottles sitting on my bathroom shelf.

It looks nice, sure. But does it work?

Well, using this oil was an absolute pleasure. It smells fantastic, and melted into my skin without feeling too slippery. My skin felt unbelievably soft, and the non-greasy texture of the product also means that it works wonders on my face. Although I was concerned at first, I was left without an oily t-zone, and I felt like I was glowing. I love that I can use this one product all over my body.

As well as looking after my skin, I’m also very keen to try products which will help to relax and soothe me, whether it’s after a long day, a lot of travelling, or when my mind is restless and stressed. I am always interested in using products with calming scents and ingredients, and I find hat more natural products are the best for this. I find it a very relaxing scent with mint and rosehip,  I can certainly vouch that it will both help to wake you up in the morning, and calm you down at night. Perfect for use after a shower,  a bubble bath, or as a soothing body rub - I definitely feel renewed after using it!

It's also meant to be excellent for soothing scars and stretch marks, which is something a lot of people may be looking for in an all-over moisturiser.

My only very small issue was with the bottle. Although, as I've said, I love that it’s made out of glass, pouring the oil out can be a little risky. If you’re not too careful, too much might come out in one go - and it can leave some oil dripping down the side, which can leave marks on wooden surfaces. As with any oil product, it’s best to just take care when using it. 

I have found that it’s better than most of my body moisturisers - many of which are strongly perfumed, greasy and quite heavy, with a huge amount required to cover you from head to toe. So Natural's body oil sinks right in and I feel soft and smooth to the touch within minutes.

The fact that the oil is chemical and cruelty-free means that I can use this as liberally as I want to without feeling guilty. It's good to know that I am nourishing my body, rather than smothering it in nasties.

I am very, very impressed with the So Renewed Face and Body Oil and have been absolutely raving about it to friends and family. A little goes a long way, so I can tell my bottle will last for months even with regular use. As well as using it post-bath or post-shower, I’d be tempted to use it for massage, if I had a bad back or sore joints. 

This delicious little bottle of moisturising goodness has won me over so much, I’m considering buying more - and with whispers of another scent in the works, I think I may have to pay the So Natural ladies another online visit...or two!

*This post is a review of products sent to me by the company. My views are honest and completely my own.

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