Sunday, 12 January 2014

My Blogging Inspiration

I've only been blogging for just over two months, but have been dreaming about it for a lot longer. I wanted to start at the beginning of 2013 but due to my Postgraduate degree I had no time to do so - and if I had, it would have suffered. I didn't want to put little effort into something I felt so passionate about. So, as soon as I finished my degree, I started to make plans, and eventually created She Wears Burgundy.

However, whilst I was waiting to blog, I was consuming as much content as possible in order to become inspired. I discovered Bloglovin', started following my long-term favourites, and tentatively began to comment on a few of my favourite posts. These blogs kept me sane when the work was getting a bit too much, and I felt inspired - I wanted to write, and not just essays! The end of my Masters degree heralded the beginning of my blogging.

There are just five blogs which spring to mind when I think about what inspired me to start blogging. I still endeavour and aspire to write, design and communicate like these particular bloggers, and hope to one day be half as good as them!

Obviously, I read more blogs, and love them all - I have developed so many favourites over the last few months that it would be hard to choose between them! However, I thought I would share these five blogs which have been such an influence and motivation in my own work for many months; maybe you'll find a new favourite, or perhaps they're already saved in your bookmarks!

I've linked each heading to the blogger's profile, so you can see what they're really about for yourself.


Zoella, run by Zoe Sugg, is an accompaniment to her YouTube Channel, which is her main focus. It's not updated very often, but when it is there is always something wonderful to find, and it's definitely a matter of quality over quantity. I stumbled across her blog about a year ago when I was researching anxiety issues. Her post, which you can find here, was incredibly touching, thought provoking and helpful, and I was instantly hooked on her blog. The post had clearly helped so many others. Her success has blossomed greatly recently, and she now has a huge following.  Her blog isn't just about the emotional posts; her reviews, life updates and outfit posts are all incredibly readable, and the more I read, the more I was inspired to start my own blog. Zoe's YouTube channel is also worth looking at: you an find this here.

Two of my favourite posts: Panic Attacks and Autumnal Hair & Makeup



Kayleigh's blog was another one which was instantly a favourite of mine as soon as I stumbled across it. Her writing is fantastic and the range of her blog posts means there is always something new to read. I always read her work and am particularly a fan of her reviews - she focuses mainly on affordable products and gives her thoroughly honest opinion, which is so valuable. I know I can go to her blog for a reliable review if I have a query about a product. The thing I love the most, however, is how completely relatable she is. She seems so down to earth. She really has influenced my own work - I hope that I can develop an honest and accurate - yet friendly! - voice when I review products like her. I can't wait to see what she posts next!

Two of my favourite posts: My MAC Lipstick Collection and Bullying: My Story

The Londoner

Rosie's blog is just another world. One minute  you'll be on sun soaked boats in Italy sampling Mediterranean salads; the next, you'll be dashing through rain showers on the streets of the London to the nearest museum. You can always rely on Rosie to post something which will fill your dreary day with luxury, glamour and often comfort. I first discovered Rosie's blog after a friend shared her infamous 'Slutty Brownies' recipe and suddenly it seemed I had read her entire post archive - she kept me warm and hopeful when I was struggling under mountains of work for my Master's. I find that her pieces are often inspirational and aspirational and I hope one day to experience just some of the things she gets up to. I am especially influenced by her posts about trips and days out; she makes every gallery visit, cheese-covered fry and shopping spree seem like an adventure. A definite must-read.

Two of my Favourite Posts: The Anti-Diet and Slutty Brownies

Hannah Maggs

Hannah is another wonderful blogger who I have been following for a year or so. Again, she was one of the first blogs I came across during my studies, and I was absolutely taken in by her candid tales and stunning photographs. I started off reading her beauty reviews and watching her vlog for makeup advice, and then I began keeping up with her life. Her emotional posts were so touching - again, it seems the more relatable and honest a blogger is, the faster I am taken in! I started reading when she was still A Little Beauty Blog but now she has had a revamp. Things have been incredibly busy for Hannah; in 2013, she got married, and it was wonderful to read about her adventures. Then...she got pregnant! Following her on this journey was incredibly informative, funny and emotional. She's just given birth, and I want to wish her all the happiness for the future. You can expect plenty of reviews and family adventures from this yummy mummy in 2014 I am sure!

Two of my favourite posts: Introducing our Jeffy Bump and Draw My Life

Wonderful You

Megan (or Megs) has hair I would kill for and is absolutely stunning! But that's really not all, and like all the other bloggers I am inspired by she has a fantastic personality and writes incredibly well. I can't really remember how I stumbled across her corner of the internet - possibly on Instagram or a feature on another blog - but I started reading and haven't stopped since. She posts a range of OOTDs, hauls and beauty posts. I trust her reviews too, since she always looks so lovely! She also films vlogs which are as good as her blog posts, and what really draws me to her blog are her beautiful photos. I'd love to blog in a similar way to Megs - you feel welcomed in as a reader, as if she's talking just to you. She's the sort of person I would love to be friends with; down to earth, funny and a wonderful writer.And that's why her blog inspires me!

These five bloggers kept me sane during the hardest parts of my university education; they help me with my beauty questions and with my anxiety and give me a desire to make the most of life. Hopefully, one day, my blogging will influence someone else. For now, however, I'll continue reading their wonderful posts and building my own blog to be the best it can be!

Let me know which bloggers inspire you in the comments below - I'd love to hear about them!



  1. I've follow all these blogs too! such amazing reads! x

    1. They are, they're sure to remain my favourites :) x

  2. Love all of these blogs, especially Kayleigh and Hannah's! :)


    1. Aren't they just lovely? Reading their posts cheers me up :) x

  3. This is a lovely idea post, I spot some of my favourites on there too! x
    Sweet Dreams

    1. Thank you - I'm always trying to think of something different to write about. I'm glad you like them too! xx

  4. Interested to know how you'd respond to this (note the last entry):

    1. Thanks for sharing Anon - I think blogging is something you either love, or are indifferent to it. I really enjoy losing myself in Rosie's blog posts because you it's a life I'm unlikely to ever live - it's no different to reading celebrity magazines or watching reality TV shows, I suppose. I enjoy her writing and her photography. It's not to everyone's taste though! Interesting article, I enjoyed reading it.