Thursday, 15 January 2015

Welcoming 2015

Happy New Year! 2015 has come around very quickly, and my days have been filled with nostalgia for Christmas and listening to other people's resolutions. Can you believe we are nearly half way through the month already?!

I've always loved the New Year. Yes, January is a dreary, grey month - and certainly not as exciting as Christmas, but after the intensity of December with its flashing lights, manic shopping, fervent socialising and overindulgence, I embrace the chance to get back to normal; to have a few days at the weekend to spend reading, cleaning, or writing; no pressure to eat all of the food, see all of the people, and buy all of the presents. It's calm, quiet, and a time for reflection.

This post is a little bit late, but I wanted to start things off well on my blog for the year, and nothing says a good start better than laying out the year ahead with some goals and resolutions.

I've read plenty of similar posts over the last few weeks and they've all been pretty inspiring - I could relate to so many. Bloggers are such an ambitious and motivated bunch, with juicing vows, fitness regimes and career objectives appearing left, right and centre. In particular I've loved Olivia's, Katy's and Zoe's.

I'd really like to have a chance to reflect on the last year and take a look at the things I'd like to change for the coming twelve months. These are pledges to myself, for my own good, to enrich and improve my life for the better, without the pressure of difficult diets, fitness fads and unrealistic goals. I'm not sure how many of you will care - but I think writing these down, talking about them, and putting them out there can seem more real and concrete. Which will hopefully mean  I'll be able to actually carry them out and see a real change by the beginning of 2016!

I won't share everything I aim to do in life on here - and my blog-related goals will appear in another post - but these are some of my personal goals for the next twelve months.

Firstly, I pledge to go offline more. I want to take more time away from the screen, living life, noticing little moments and making the most of my time on this little planet. Not everything has to be shared.  The chances are, nobody really cares that much, and nobody needs to know everything you do. This is a little hypocritical, since I blog - but I don't share everything on here, and that suits me fine.

Similarly, I'd like to make records of my life offline.  I want to actually own reminders of my life - and it's not the same scrolling through virtual albums. I have a collection of empty photo albums from Christmas and birthdays, ready to be filled with memories and moments with my nearest and dearest. I'd also like to start a scrapbook - the latest influx of people using Project Life has inspired me to make my own memory books (only without the pricey packets...I'll do mine the old-fashioned way!).

Usually, I write something about losing weight, of getting fit. This year, I don't want that pressure - I just want to be healthy and happy. Sure, I want to make conscious decisions about my eating and exercise - I want to eat better foods more often, with basic and natural ingredients - and I really do need to drink more water, a resolution from 2014 that barely made it off the ground (I walk around dehydrated 90% of the time). I won't be able to 'eat clean', 'quit sugar' or 'go vegan', but I just want to be more aware of what I'm putting into my body and to stop rewarding myself constantly with food.

I'm also training for my first charity run, which is a big tick on my bucket list, and will hopefully help to keep me in shape. I hope to keep running long after that takes place, as I have found so far that it's good for the body and the soul.

I want to read more (taking time away from the screen yet again) - making my way through the stacks of books on my shelves and finally reading some of those classics that you 'really should read' in your lifetime. As an English graduate, there are just some authors I should be more familiar with (embarrassingly!). Books were my first love, and the Internet has slowly dragged me away - but I'm slowly getting back to my old bookworm roots.

Cooking has become a real passion of mine, so I want to bake and cook more in my spare time, trying new ingredients and gaining confidence in the kitchen.

Finally, I want to travel to new places - a trip to Hamburg is already on the cards, and hopefully many more after that. Even visiting new places in the UK will be wonderful and I can't wait to find some new favourite spots.

So that's that! Phew!

I am not pledging to change my life from top to toe - I will always be me, and my habits are part of that - but these are a few things I want to do this year to challenge myself and to make myself happier. If you have any advice from your own experiences, or any recommendations, I'd love to hear them! I hope some of you will be joining me in completing them. Here's to a happy, healthy and exciting year ahead!

What are your personal pledges and resolutions for 2015? Let me know in the comments!


  1. So glad to hear you enjoyed my post and I thoroughly enjoyed reading this :) I love the idea of making a record of your life offline, I do not have any recent photos printed off or any decent photo frames :) I may have to copy this idea too!


    1. Thank you so much Zoe, that means a lot! I hope you have fun sorting through photos - I really need to get scrapbooking! x

  2. Woo these are fab goals to complete in 2015! I really want to be offline a bit more in 2015 as well, and not spend as much time procrastinating and watching tv! I really want to keep up the exercise as well as that definitely failed over Christmas! :) x

    Jasmin Charlotte | UK Lifestyle Blog

    1. Thank you! I hope your goals are going well - here's to being offline mroe (hence the delayed reply! sorry!) x