Monday, 17 November 2014

So Natural: So Calming Lavender and Aloe Vera Shampoo & Conditioner*

In the summer, the lovely ladies over at So Natural popped along some of their products for me to try. Along with my brown bag full of body products (including an amazing body & face oil, and a body scrub) they sent along another, with some natural treats for my hair!

Although in my previous posts I mentioned that I do like to try and use simple, kind-to-skin products on my face and body, my hair is another story. Honestly? I’ll just buy whatever is on offer, as I find a lot of haircare over-priced. If it’s discounted, and my bottles are nearly empty, I’ll put them in my basket and be on my way.

This is strange, really, because my head is where my really sensitive skin lives. I’ve always had a temperamental scalp; a combination of soft water and stress can leave it incredibly uncomfortable. This has, fortunately, calmed down as I’ve grown up, but sometimes it does flare up and it’s times like this when I could probably do with taking better care of it!

I tend to use all of the usual shampoos to help with this, but I’ve never really considered using something natural, to soothe my skin and care for my hair. I never really thought about using chemical-free products to help with this problem of mine.

As explained in my previous reviews, So Natural are a family business who focus on kind-to-skin, cruelty-free products without chemicals. Good for the body, and the soul.

I received So Natural’s So Calming Shampoo and Conditioner. My first impressions were very good; the products come in lovely bottles, which match my other samples and look good on my bathroom shelf - always a priority, of course! I was particularly pleased to see a pump dispenser for each; I tend to end up with far too much product in my hands usually, so this means no wasted lotions and potions and therefore less money wasted too. It also means that bottles can't be dropped with slippery hands in the shower - something I'm always doing! I always think that a pump dispenser for hair-care gives the product a really high-end, luxury feel.

These products contain lavender, which is perfect for me, as I usually wash my hair before bed in the evening. They smell calming, and subtle, so thankfully not too overpowering - nobody wants their hair to smell like an over-stocked florist! The aloe vera is also very soothing and a lovely addition to the product. These were definitely chosen for their lovely scents as well as for their soothing properties for your skin and scalp.

On each of their samples, So Natural had provided information about their products. I had been advised that these would not foam quite as much as other shampoos and conditioners, due to the absence of chemicals. This was very reassuring, and it was nice to know what was normal for the products so that I didn't worry when the time came to use them. Sometimes it’s nice to physically see the difference between natural products and chemical-laden ones.

I really enjoyed using the shampoo and conditioner. I loved the pumps, as I've mentioned; the products are easy to use, and they stay nice and clean! The So Calming Shampoo smells lovely, and still foamed enough for me, despite the warning. My hair felt deeply cleansed, as if it had got rid of any residue from other hair products used throughout the day. I'm always keen to try to prevent the build-up of gels and oils in my hair and this shampoo certainly left my hair feeling naked, natural and clean.

The So Calming Conditioner was equally as deliciously-scented and easy to use. As with the shampoo, due to the natural ingredients the conditioner wasn't as rich and thick as some others, and I wasn't sure how much to use. I'm used to my hair feeling coated in a 'mask' of conditioner, and so I instinctively used a large amount to get the same effect. This, I think, was a mistake, as I clearly struggled to clean it all off, and my hair was a little greasy after being left to dry naturally. This was a real shame as it was lovely to use, and smelled divine. Unfortunately, the same thing happened after I used it for a second time. It's clear that with these products your hair won't feel covered in the product even when you've definitely used enough!

My verdict? The shampoo left my hair feeling incredibly clean and light, and both products smelled so relaxing. The products definitely made my hair feel restored - which is exactly what was promised! My scalp also really benefited - perhaps the purity of the ingredients and the lack of chemicals meant that my scalp was less irritated, and this is definitely something I'll be considering for the future. Sadly, I was a little disappointed that my hair felt so greasy, but I'll put this down to my own personal misuse of the conditioner! I don't think this will happen every time with proper use and 'portioning'. I must have been too enthusiastic!

I am continuing to use So Natural's So Calming Conditioner and Shampoo as part of my routine - I think my scalp will thank me for it!  I'm also more careful when using the conditioner - less is definitely more with these products, and it definitely proves that natural and chemical-free does not mean less effective!

*This post is a review of products sent to me by the company. However, my views are 100% honest and completely my own.


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    1. I'd really recommend taking a look at these! x

  2. This sounds like something I need to try- more organic hair care. I love that it has lavender in it, which always helps lull me to sleep! I too wash my hair before bed, so this would be ideal for me! Thank you for the review :)
    Jenny // Mish Mosh Makeup

    1. I did really love the lavender too, it's very soothing. I'm glad you enjoyed it and hope you try them out! x