Sunday, 4 May 2014

Fry-ups and the Fitzwilliam

I've written a few posts now about my love for the city of Cambridge; its history, culture, shops, restaurants...I've been enjoying my little trips there for a few months now, and so when the time came to travel up there again I knew it would be worthy of another post.

It was a drizzly weekend - the skies were mostly grey and ominous, despite the air beign warm, so I was constantly checking to see whether I had my umbrella. To make a change from our usual 'we'll just wander round and see what we find' attitude, my boyfriend and I made a point of heading to one of Cambridge University's museums; The Fitzwilliam.

That's a fabulous name for a museum, isn't it?

It was even more fabulous inside.

I just love decadent and impressive museum buildings. The outseide even had an element of the British Museum to it.

We didn't manage to see the whole of the museum - we've had many attempts to see every exhibit in other museums and it can be exhausting! - but we made our way around the galleries slowly. Our favourite was the weaponry, with armour and swords and even a rifle with an axe attached! I will have to go back to see some of the other areas. I have to say I didn't love all of the art - but it was a worthwhile visit and there were certainly some gems in there.

After a bit of a browse, we headed down to the cafe to chat about all sorts over a delicious loose-leaf cuppa (tea bags just aren't the same any more!) and a scone with jam and cream - naturally. We were so lost in conversation that we were there until closing time. 

Cambridge really is a gem, and I hope to visit their Museum of Archaeology and Anthropology  next. I do love a bit of history.

The next day, after a mildly disappointing meal at Wildwood the night before, we made our way to Bill's for brunch. At 1pm. Big mistake. I knew it would be busy, but had hoped there may be a table for two lingering in the corner. But, alas, pancakes would have to wait. Luckily, we did spot Harriets Cafe Tearooms just along the street, and nipped in to grab the last table. It was our lucky break of the day; welcoming, friendly and full of tasty food!

Within minutes of sitting down we ordered a hearty brunch and some loose leaf tea (again!).

A Full English for the gentleman, and a Breakfast Ciabatta for the lady.

I ate mine as an open sandwich and stole some mushrooms to eat with my greens. I didn't want to imagine what carnage would ensue if I tried to eat it as a proper sandwich! It was delicious - if a little salty (I'm not used to eating so much salt!) and I was full right up until I arrived home at 10pm that evening. Now if that's not a brunch, I don't know what is! I loved the cheeky hash browns hiding beneath the egg and it was just what I needed. The staff were very friendly and their afternoon teas, which were being served as well, looked like such treats. I have a feeling we may be back.



  1. LOVE Cambridge! Simon and I are staying at my folks' house in Norfolk for a week in June and I've considered driving to Cambridge for the day because I love it so much and feel that Simon needs to see it, I'm not sure if it'll happen though, it's a bit of a long drive for a day trip!

    Have you been punting before? It's amazing on a lovely day, especially if you have a picnic to take on with you :) Shame the weather was a bit cloudy but at least you made the most of your time ... that brunch looks amazing!

    Chloe x

    1. I hope you do get to visit! It's so gorgeous! My visits will soon be coming to an end which is sad but I've loved exploring the city! I'll look out for a post if you do go! I've not been punting yet sadly but am hoping to do so this summer! x

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    1. I really recommend going - let me know if you do! x